18. maaliskuuta 2011

Toverit at Toveri

Lovely evening.
Lovely Wicked.
Lovely people.
Lovely afterparty.

Once again.

Ok, maybe I'll tell you a little bit of what happened yesterday  ; )

So me, Joonas, Karoliina, Helmi and a couple of her friends went to see Wicked 'cause Helmi had got us free tickets. We arrived to the theatre at 6:30 PM and before the show we met briefly with the director Hans Berndtsson, the choreographer Rebecca Evanne and a couple of guests from Broadway. The show started at 7 PM, as always, and it was AMAZING, as always! The audience was a little bit lame though and so we tried our best to cheer in the front row as loud as possible. Well, let's just say that people probably thought that we were crazy  ;D

For this specific show me, Joonas, Karoliina and Helmi had come up with an epic plan: Anna-Maija Tuokko (Glinda) had turned 30 on Monday so we decided to be nice and wave some birthday signs during the curtain call. Anna-Maija's facial expression was totally priceless when she noticed the signs and the rest of the crew also looked us with smiling faces :)  The afterparty was at Toveri and it was SO nice to hang out with some of the awesomest people in this world! We just talked and talked for hours, and ended up sitting there until the restaurant was closed.

Thank you:
Joonas, Karoliina, Helmi (& her friends), Anna-Maija, Hans & Rebecca for the show + the afterparty! And thanks for the rest of the Wicked-crew also!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Siis oliko eilen Anna-Maijan synttärit? :) Näyttäis siltä että teillä oli mukavaa ^^

  2. Päivitin vähän merkintääni ulkopuolisten iloksi ;)

  3. Haha :D Ihanaa, mahtoi olla ihana ilta :]